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Black Bear Sitings Announcement

As most residents are aware, there have been multiple Black Bear sightings in the City of Oswego and surrounding areas in the past month.  Last night, we received calls about a bear on the East Side of the city.  We were able to quickly locate the bear, and with the help of the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Oswego Police, and City of Oswego Animal Control, the bear was diverted out of the area without incident.  At this time we are urging all city residents to assist us by removing bear attractants from your property.

  1. Make sure all garbage is in cans, and that lids fit tightly. If possible keep cans inside of a garage, shed, or enclosed porch unless it is garbage day. 
  2. Remove all outdoor pet food. 
  3. Temporarily remove all bird feeders.  Bird feeders are one of the main attractants for bears. 

Bears are shy by nature and only venture into populated areas in search of food.  We can all do our part to ensure that they pass through peacefully by making sure we don’t give them a reason to stay.  If you have any questions or concerns please call the City of Oswego Animal Control at 315-343-1803 or the Department of Environmental Conservation at 518-897-1326.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. 

Caroline Anderson

Animal Control Officer

Community Resources