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Mayor Barlow Announces Body Worn Camera Program for OPD

Mayor Billy Barlow is pleased to announce the implementation of body worn cameras for members of the Oswego City Police Department.  Using funds secured through asset forfeiture proceedings administered by the Oswego County District Attorney's Office, OPD has received 31 new body worn cameras that personnel will begin using this month.

The Body Worn Camera project was spearheaded by OPD's Lieutenant Charles J. Searor, Jr. who, for the last two years, has been conducting research, field testing and evaluating various versions of the camera systems.  Ultimately, the Oswego City Police Department has chosen Axon cameras (see attached photo) and has begun training their members in the use and administration of the program.

Mayor Billy Barlow commented, "In addition to their evidentiary value in many cases, the implementation of the camera systems was important to Chief DeCaire and to me to help protect the officers who help to protect our community.  We are fortunate to have the professional and courteous law enforcement members of OPD at our service and by equipping them with the tools and training to better do their jobs, we are ultimately helping to better serve our community."

According to Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire, "Earlier this year, with input from the members of the Police Department and as one of Mayor Barlow's goals for 2018, we had planned to have the Body Worn Camera Project fully implemented before the end of the year.  After careful consideration, the cameras were purchased, training conducted and the cameras are now being used in the field by the majority of our personnel. I am happy to report that the project had progressed as planned and, as the few remaining members receive their training this week, the cameras should be fully implemented, department-wide, by the end of the month. I would like to thank Mayor Barlow and District Attorney Gregory Oakes for realizing the value of this project, while understanding what it means to the members of the Oswego Police Department and to the people we serve."

Lake City Police Club President Kevin Hadcock stated: "On behalf of the Oswego Police Union (Lake City Police Club) I would like to thank Mayor Barlow and Chief DeCaire for leading the way in providing the members of the department with the necessary equipment and training essential to help protect the officers and to assist them in providing the best possible police service to the members of our community."

Oswego County District Attorney Gregory S. Oakes added "I want to commend Mayor Barlow and Chief DeCaire for embracing technology to enhance traditional police work.  The body-worn cameras will help officers and prosecutors determine the truth, which promotes justice and ultimately makes the community safer.  I am grateful that OPD invited the DA's Office to partner with them on this program, and I thank all of the officers who worked so hard to put it in place."

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