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Mayor Barlow announces creation of “Good Neighbor Award “

City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the creation of the City of Oswego Good Neighbor Award, an award program to recognize homeowners in the City of Oswego who take exceptional pride in their property by caring for their yard, demonstrating care of their property or fully restoring a dilapidated building. Additional criteria include caring for a neighbor’s well-being or participating on committees and/or volunteering for activities that contribute to a positive change in a neighborhood. The awards program is designed to allow an individual to nominate a property owner in their community who makes a direct contribution to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.   

“As a City we spend a significant amount of time and resources on our code enforcement efforts by patrolling the neighborhoods, enforcing the City code and holding negligent property owners accountable,” Barlow noted.  “Conversely, I believe it is important to recognize and appreciate our community members who go the extra mile, put in the extra effort and take great pride in their personal property, neighborhood and their community.  The “Good Neighbor Award” is designed to commend the individuals who have made a direct, positive contribution to their neighborhood and help make Oswego a wonderful place to live, work and play,” Barlow said.  

Individuals looking to nominate a neighbor can find a nomination form on the City of Oswego website or pick one up at Mayor Barlow’s office or the Department of Code Enforcement at Oswego City Hall or the Office of Economic Development at 44 East Bridge Street, Oswego.  Nominations are due by September 5th and will be judged by Oswego City code enforcement officers Curt Miller, Nick Saternow and Daniel Breitweg.  Once nominations are reviewed, five Good Neighbor Awards will be issued and recipients will be recognized by the City of Oswego.  

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