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Mayor Barlow announces sharp decline in City overtime spending

City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced today that in 2016 the City of Oswego decreased the City wide overtime expense by nearly 30% in comparison to year 2015. In 2015, the City of Oswego spent approximately $1.3million in overtime costs when combining all City departments compared to the $950,169 the City has spent thus far in 2016. The most prevalent savings occurred in the Department of Public Works and the Oswego Police Department. The Oswego DPW overtime is approximately $176,000 less in 2016 than in 2015 and the Oswego Police Department has spent almost $179,000 less than 2015

“As a City Councilor and a candidate for Mayor I spoke to the amount of overtime the City generated and identified that expense as an area we needed to improve and a cost we needed to reign in. We focused on identifying what may be generating overtime and had to find ways to be more efficient and better manage our operations. My administration has worked on controlling overtime since January and made it a priority throughout the year,” said Mayor Barlow. “Moving forward we will continue to focus on managing our overtime and working on behalf of all taxpayers to control our spending and cut obvious waste in City government. We need to have the taxpayer’s interests at the forefront of our decision making and ensure we do our best to manage our departments,” the Mayor concluded.

Council Vice-President Rob Corradino (R-7th Ward) applauded the Mayor and his department heads for working to reduce overtime expenditures and expressed his support of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. “I appreciate the Mayor’s focus on cracking down on overtime and reducing the overall overtime expense for 2016. We know the fiscal situation the City of Oswego is currently in and we are happy to work with the administration on saving money for all City taxpayers”, said Councilor Corradino. “This will continue to be a focus of the Common Council in the New Year and we appreciate the efforts of the Mayor and all City department heads,” he concluded.

The first Oswego Common Council meeting of 2017 is currently set for Wednesday, January 4th at Oswego City Hall.

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