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Mayor Barlow Appoints Danielle Hayden Chair of Tourism Committee

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced today he has appointed Danielle Hayden as the new Chairwoman to the Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board. The Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board was created in 2014 and is an advisory board to the Mayor and Common Council on how to best regionally promote the City of Oswego and increase tourism throughout the community.

“I’m pleased to place Danielle in the position of Chairwoman for the City of Oswego’s Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board, as I believe she has the credentials and proper perspective to bring news ideas and a different approach on how we can best promote our wonderful community,” said Mayor Barlow.  “We have so many positive things happening in our community at this time, and I believe it is imperative to promote our City and inform folks who may not live here about what exactly is taking place, Super DIRT week, our world class waterfront and the unique summer events we have here throughout the year, the City of Oswego is a story that needs to be told and shared all throughout New York State,” Mayor Barlow continued.

“I’m very excited and honored to have Mayor Barlow ask me to be the Chair of the Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board for the City of Oswego. This is a great opportunity for me and the rest of the board to begin putting together a plan to find ways to promote Oswego and showcase to families who are traveling or thinking about coming to Oswego, exactly what we have to offer them. We are very fortunate to have so many of our businesses and community members working hard every day to make our city more inviting, so as a group we want to make sure we take all of that and find the best way to let everyone know Oswego is definitely a year-round destination of fun,” said Hayden.

Seventh Ward City Councilor Robert Corradino serves as the Common Council’s representative on the Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board and shared his excitement for the progress the board has made and the work the board will continue to do. “I am looking forward to building on the successes that the Promotion and Tourism Advisory Board have accomplished the last several years with our new chairperson Danielle Hayden. Promoting our community is very important, as we showcase our many events and assets to encourage people to visit. Tourism is the key to a healthy and vibrant Oswego, as we try to look for alternate ways to generate income. Danielle is the right person to lead this group with her experience and professionalism,” Corradino said.

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