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Mayor Barlow proposes $827,000 of road paving in 2018, equipment for road repairs

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow today unveiled his proposed 2018 paving plan for the City of Oswego.  The $827,000 plan includes some major thoroughfares and high traffic areas throughout the City and will be in addition to the State Route 104 repave project conducted by the New York State Department of Transportation later this summer.  Mayor Barlow also announced he will request the purchase of a large piece of additional equipment to assist with road repairs and road patching this Spring to help repair City streets not identified in the paving plan. 

"Our Department of Public Works has saved a considerable amount of money since this administration took over in 2016.  By implementing new, innovative techniques for snow plowing in addition to mild winters we've saved a considerable amount of money on salt over the last three winters.  I propose we use the substantial amount of money we have saved and invest in a piece of equipment that will certainly help repair our roadways and improve our City streets every year following our rough Upstate New York winters," Mayor Barlow said. 

The road patching equipment is designed to move quickly throughout City streets with minimal personnel required to quickly patch potholes and address worn areas and is priced at approximately $225,000.  Barlow says the City has money already budgeted and available for the purchase. 

"In two years we've paved approximately $1.5 million in roadway in the City of Oswego and we are looking to back that up again this year by proposing another plan with a significant amount of paving by focusing on some of our major thoroughfares that have been neglected for many years," Mayor Barlow said.   "This plan provides a considerable amount of paving to both the east and west side of our City and will compliment the State Route 104 re-pave project nicely as we tackle some larger, busier intersections like George Street and East Seneca Street.  As we enter Spring, we will construct an aggressive plan to patch potholes and address other areas suffering from serious deterioration as well that may not be identified on the proposed paving plan already," Barlow said. 

The 2018 proposed paving plan includes:

Ontario Street (Seneca Street to Schuyler Street)
Liberty Street (Cayuga Street to Lake Street)  
Washington Boulevard (Third Avenue to Draper Street)
Lathrop Street (Oneida Street to Route 104)
Murray Street (Route 48 to Munn Street)
East Seneca Street (George Street to Oswego City line)
George Street (Seneca Street to Route 104)
East Albany Street (Shampine Drive to Chestnut Street)

Mayor Barlow will propose the paving plan to the Common Council, along with the purchase of the road repair equipment on Monday March 5th at 6:30pm at Oswego City Hall, 13 West Oneida Street, Oswego.

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