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Mayor Barlow Unveils Improvements of Oswego Harbor Trail

Mayor Billy Barlow announced the re-opening of the Oswego Harbor Trail after completion of the $225,000 renovation project to improve and revitalize the trail.  The Oswego Harbor Trail is located around the bottom of Oswego’s famous Breitbeck Park and is a pedestrian walkway along the Lake Ontario waterfront.  The $225,000 project was funded through a 2016 LWRP grant the City received, administered by the City of Oswego and completed by the Oswego Department of Public Works.  The improvements include two new scenic overlooks at Breitbeck Park, two seating pads along Harbor Trail and the waterfront, a walkable dock in the harbor and substantial clearing of weeds and overgrown brush, allowing access to the water along the entire length of the trail. 

“Previously, Harbor Trail was overgrown with dense weeds and brush, discouraging pedestrians from using the trail and degrading what should’ve been the most picturesque scene in the City of Oswego,” said Mayor Barlow.  “Now, the newly restored Harbor Trail will be an attraction for people throughout Central New York as it is gorgeous walkway along one of our Great Lakes, providing people with seating areas to relax by the water and actually offering waterfront access for folks to sit, picnic, fish or simply take a walk,” Barlow continued.  “This project is a large piece of our overall vision as we work to make Oswego a better place to live and visit.  We are known as a waterfront community, but historically, we’ve failed to capitalize on it.  The improvements at Oswego Harbor Trail is the first of many improvements to come where we actually take advantage of our waterfront, showcase it and treat it like the asset that it is,” Barlow said. 

Mayor Billy Barlow and the Oswego Common Council held a public ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday evening officially re-opening the trail with live music on the new overlook at Breitbeck Park.   Work will still continue at Harbor Trail for the next few weeks as the Oswego Department of Public Works continues to put finishing touches on the project. 

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