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Oswego approves stricter Code regulations, higher permit fees

OSWEGO, New York - The Oswego Common Council approved Mayor Billy Barlow’s plan to implement a stricter code enforcement program in the City of Oswego and raise the cost of rental permits for City landlords from $30 to $150 over a three-year period. 
          During Monday nights Common Council meeting, the Oswego Common Council revisited the Mayor’s plan to increase the rental permit fee and voted 5-1-1 to approve the increase and favored the amendments to strengthen local code laws to hold City landlords accountable.  “I’m delighted with the Common Council’s approval of the fee increase and our new Code enforcement strategy as now we can begin holding landlords more accountable, begin to reclaim our neighborhoods and also stand up for tenants right.  We are being strategic and extremely aggressive in making sure landlords are responsive to the concerns of their tenants and ensuring the properties they own do not detract from the value of our neighborhoods”, said Mayor Billy Barlow. 
            The fee increase of $150 for a three-year rental permit comes one week after the Common Council took “no action” on the matter.  Just a week later, the Council now approves of the fee increase.  “I’m sure the Council heard from their City residents and realize that we are entering a new chapter in the City of Oswego.  City landlords will no longer influence the local government, but instead we will stand up, hold them accountable and block by block begin improving our neighborhoods”, the Mayor concluded. 

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