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Fort Ontario Tunnel Mural Art Competition

Mayor Barlow Announces Local Art Competition for Fort Ontario Tunnel Mural Project

City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow is reaching out to the local arts community to beautify and enhance the Fort Ontario tunnel entrance on East Seventh Street in the City of Oswego.  Mayor Barlow indicated in his State of the City Address earlier this year the City of Oswego would allocate funding to improve the Fort Ontario Tunnel and would conduct a competition for local artists and organizations to submit murals and artwork to be incorporated into the project. 

“The Fort Ontario complex is an important part of the Oswego community and brings thousands of visitors to Oswego annually.  This complex is home to Fort Ontario, the Oswego Player’s Association, the Safe Haven museum, our Little League fields, our city ice rink and the city owned Charles E Gallagher public swimming pool.  This area is a highlight of our community and currently the tunnel entryway is unsightly and unwelcoming," said Mayor Barlow.  “We would like to incorporate a mural along the Fort Tunnel and believe it is appropriate to reach out and engage our local arts community to submit their proposals and ideas to be used for the project.  This project will help improve this neighborhood and will serve as a more attractive entryway to this important area of our community," Barlow continued. 

Artists or organizations looking to participate and submit a proposal for consideration should visit the City of Oswego Economic Development Office or Mayor Barlow’s Office to pick up more information regarding the competition.  All submissions will need to be made digitally and will be due to the City of Oswego Economic Development Office on June 1st, 2018.   

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