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Mayor Barlow announces $15,000 grant to Farnham to expand access to drug treatment

Mayor Barlow announces $15,000 grant to Farnham to expand access to drug treatment

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today a $15,000 grant to Farnham Family Services to expand access to drug treatment for those struggling with the use of drugs, opioids, synthetics and alcohol. During the pandemic, Farnham was forced to switch from an in-person in-take and assessment model to a remote, tele-health format.  The change in operation created by COVID-19 proved to be a challenge as missed appointments increased and the loss of in-person communication became less effective.  The new funding provided by the City of Oswego will provide an initial investment to allow for the creation of admission specialist positions who will be available five day a week, increasing availability and access, while decreasing the time to get patients critical treatment, including medication. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic was most damaging to the most vulnerable, including those suffering from addiction,” said Mayor Billy Barlow.  “With opioid overdose deaths on the rise, and rates of drug and alcohol abuse increasing, we need re-design programs post-pandemic to be more available and more effective than ever.  I’m confident that our funding commitment and strong partnership with Eric Bresee and the folks at Farnham will have a positive impact on the lives of people in need,” Barlow said.

The $15,000 in funding is part of a $200,000 funding commitment by Mayor Barlow and the Oswego Common Council to local non-profit organizations and services providers from the $1.89 million American Rescue Plan allocation to the City of Oswego.

Eric Bresee, Executive Director of Farnham Family Services said, “this funding will be instrumental to expanding access in Oswego.  The road to recovery is filled with obstacles and detours and if we are not available when someone is ready, we may lose them, and they may lose their battle. As we return to more of a pre-pandemic operational state, we want to emerge even better than we were prior. We know that access to treatment for substance use disorder needs to be immediate and this support from Mayor Billy Barlow and the Oswego Common Council is propelling us in the right direction.”

Farnham Family Services plans to use the city grant as seed money to create and pilot the program with plans to make the positions and expanded access permanent once other funding sources re-open.  Farnham is located at 283 West Second Street in Oswego. 

(Pictured is Mayor Barlow, Executive Director Eric Bresee, Council President Rob Corradino and representatives of Farnham)

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