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Mayor Barlow announces Community Solar Initiative

Mayor Barlow announces Community Solar Initiative

Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the City of Oswego has started a new community solar initiative with help from their Energy Consultant Creekwalk Consulting Group, LLC to assist  with electric and gas procurement and assist with the reduction of the carbon footprint of city government. The city has also enrolled as a subscriber to Omni Renewables and its partners’ solar development project in Pulaski, New York among others. The city’s participation in the Omni Renewables projects is equivalent to removing approximately 4,700 tons of CO2 emitted from fossil fuels per year.

“The City of Oswego continues to proactively participate in clean energy initiatives to position our community for long term success,” said Mayor Billy Barlow.  “Our focus on reducing carbon footprint, embracing clean energy and new partnership with Creekwalk Consulting Group and Omni Renewables will pay dividends for our community and continues our push to be a more modern 21st century community.”

As a result of the new initiative, Creekwalk has successfully worked to immediately save the city approximately $47,000 in utility bills and the city will receive a $23,000 grant from Omni Renewables to be used to fund the installation of several new electric car charging stations throughout the City of Oswego later this month. Recently, the City of Oswego was named a Clean Energy Community after creating a unified solar permit for local solar projects, passing C-PACE legislation allowing for special financing for clean energy projects, enrolled in annual energy benchmarking and participated in energy code training for code enforcement officials.

Mark Tackley, Chief Executive Officer of Creekwalk Consulting Group said, “Mayor Barlow’s commitment to be on the forefront of embracing sustainability for his community is quite evident. If you haven’t visited this area recently, you should as he and the City of Oswego continue to make positive changes for this City. I am amazed at all of the projects he is not only committing to but how he delivers and gets things done for this City. He is one of the great young Mayors in Upstate NY and the City of Oswego is in good hands.    

Michael Francis, President of Omni Renewables said “Along with our development partners at Omni Navitas and Oya Solar, we are excited to partner with the City of Oswego on this initiative which will save the City approximately $47,000 annually on its electric bills.  The City’s long-term commitment to these projects will support the development, construction and operation of NYS community solar projects.  In addition, the utilization of the grant to fund new electric charging stations is one more example of the City’s commitment to sustainability and clean energy.”

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