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Children's Museum of Oswego
7 West Bridge St
(315) 216-6387

Incorporated in 2013, The Children’s Museum of Oswego (CMOO) was founded by a group of Oswego residents desiring to expand the educational and recreational opportunities available to the children of Oswego County and surrounding communities. The Children’s Museum of Oswego seeks to be a year-round place for fun, safe, and educational play. CMOO is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents through the New York State Education Department.


Tuesday-Friday: 9:00-4:00

Saturday: 10:00-5:00

Sunday: 11:00-4:00

Monday: Closed

Admission is $8 per person


H. Lee White Maritime Museum
1 W 1st St
(315) 342-0480

The H. Lee White Marine Museum is located in Oswego, New York. It was founded in 1982 by Rosemary Sinnett Nesbitt, a local professor and the City of Oswego Historian.

John D. Murray Firefighters Museum
35 E. Cayuga St
(315) 343-0999

The John D. Murray Firefighters Museum tracks the City’s over 200 years of firefighting history.

Richardson-Bates House Museum
135 E. Third St

Today the Richardson-Bates House remains one of the most intact house museums in New York State, which also features an extensive archival collection and exhibit space documenting the history of Oswego County. Visit to learn more about of the life and times of a fascinating Oswego family and the history of the place where they lived.

Safe Haven Museum
2 E. Seventh St

Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum is dedicated to keeping alive the stories of the 982 refugees from World War II who were allowed into the United States as "guests" of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These refugees were housed at Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York, from August 1944 until February 1946.

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