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The City of Oswego adopted its first comprehensive plan, City of Oswego 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan, in August 2003. As the goals and objectives of the City have evolved over the last seven years, the City recognized the time was right to revisit the comprehensive plan and identify areas that may need to be modified or updated based on feedback and input from citizens, stakeholders, and officials.

Many goals identified in the 2003 plan have been realized, while other projects have yet to be started. While some of the goals, projects and actions are still relevant today, others may no longer be consistent with the future direction the City aspires to move in. The following provides an updated version of the 2020 plan, adopted in 2011.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Overview of Public Involvement

Chapter 3 - Vision Policy and Objectives

Chapter 4 - Implementation

Chapter 5 - Conclusion

Appendix A - College and Community Surveys

Appendix B - Community Profile Update

Appendix C - Influence Model


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