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Key Contact:

Susan E. Gentile, Assessor

City Hall - Third Floor
13 West Oneida Street
Phone: (315) 342-8101
Fax: (315) 342-8248
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday thru Friday - 9am to 5 pm

The Assessor’s Office provides the public with information and advice concerning the discovery, cataloging, and valuing of all taxable real property (which may be defined as land and all things attached to the land.) The Assessor serves the individual property owner by insuring that all values are proper so that owners pay no more than their fair share of the property tax. Furthermore, the Assessor is responsible to all the people in ensuring that no property escapes the assessment process or is underassessed and that no property owner receives unauthorized preferential treatment. To that end, any property owner is welcome to discuss their assessment with the Assessor upon making an appointment.

Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May; the complaint form must be received on or before the 4th Tuesday in May.

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