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The Economic Development Office for the City of Oswego through the Commercial Loan Program has funds available to lend to qualifying businesses located in the City of Oswego.  The goal of the commercial loan program is to foster economic development and improve the number and caliber of job opportunities in the City of Oswego.  The Economic Development Office offers assistance to start-up and existing businesses for expansion, creation or retention of jobs, and assistance in the redevelopment of commercial corridors and the elimination of blight. 

The Economic Development Office provides technical assistance, linkages and coordination, and identification of funding opportunities for businesses, developers and investors that are interested in creating development and business opportunities in the City of Oswego.  New York State developed a comprehensive strategy to transform New York by aligning agency resources to support new economic development opportunities.  Multiple state agencies have pooled together their resources to be made available through the State’s streamlined grant application process known as the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).  In partnership with the businesses, the Economic Development Office will work collaboratively with businesses to apply for multiple applicable agency funding sources to create economic and development opportunities in the City of Oswego.

The city is dedicated to the successes of our employers, anchor institutions, and the region in which we live, which is why community partnerships, business leadership and economic development are important.  We recognize that partnership is vital to retain and recruit residents, businesses, and visitors to Oswego.

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