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Planning Board:

Richard Freeman (Chairman)

Matthew Bacon

Daniel Breitweg

Brit Hallenbeck

Jeffrey Hinderliter, City Engineer

Cory Moshier

Jay Scanlon

Kim McPherson (Alternate)


There shall be a City Planning Board consisting of seven (7) members and four (4) alternate members to be appointed by the Mayor. Two (2) fo the members of said Board shall be officials of the City of Oswego (the City Engineer and one (1) other city official to be designated and appointed by the Mayor. None of the other five (5) members of the Board shall hold any other public office or position in the City of Oswego. The terms of the two (2) office members of the Board shall terminate with that of the appointing Mayor. Of the other five (5) members appointed to the Board, the term of one (1) member shall be of one (1) year; two (2) members shall be of two (2) years; and two (2) members shall be of three (3) years. At the expiration of such terms, the terms of office of their successors shall be three (3) years, so that term of office of one (1) or two (2) such members of such Board shall expire each year. The four (4) alternates shall be appointed in staggered terms to correspond with the terms of the five (5) members who are appointed by the Mayor. Their successors and the successors of those first appointed to such office shall be appointed for the term of three (3) years from and after the expiration of the term of their predecessors in office. Members of the City Planning Board shall continue in office until the end of the term for which they are appointed and their successors have been appointed, as herein provided, and have qualified. If a vacancy shall occur otherwise than by expiration of term, it shall be filled by appointment of the Mayor for the unexpired term. The city officials on such Board shall not, by reason of membership thereon, forfeit their right to exercise the powers, perform the duties, or receive the compensation of the municipal office or position held by them during such membership. To qualify for appointment to such Board, a person must be a resident of the City of Oswego, New York, and must have reached the age of twenty-one (21) years at the time of his/her appointment. Any member of the Board may be removed by the Mayor for cause and after a public hearing.

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