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Key Contact:

Phillip D. Cady, Police Chief
[email protected] 

John O’C. Conway Municipal Building
169 West Second Street, Oswego
Phone: (315) 342-8122
Fax: (315) 342-8200
Emergency Phone Number: 911
Hours: 24 Hours a day / seven days a week (walk-in or telephone)


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To report illegal drug or criminal activity in the City of Oswego call the above number, or email the information to: [email protected] wishing to remain anonymous may do so.

Related Departments:
Oswego Traffic Department (315) 342-8120 – handles parking tickets issued by city police officers and the city parking attendant.
Oswego City Court (315) 207-7251 – handles traffic summons’ and local criminal court cases.

The Oswego Police Department pledges to protect, serve, educate, and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of our city by providing the highest level of professional police service. We will fulfill our mission in partnership with the community we serve while respecting the rights and diversity of all people. We shall always adhere to our core values of integrity, dedication, and accountability to the people we serve.

The Oswego City Police Department has a budgeted staffing of 51 full-time sworn officers that serve the citizens of Oswego on a 24-hour basis. With the recent trend toward Community Oriented Policing, the Oswego City Police Department has open access to the public on a twenty-four hour basis. As you walk in to the police station you will be personally greeted by a police officer, who is there to assist you any way possible. In addition to standard emergency vehicle patrols, we offer foot/beat patrols, bicycle patrols, and ATV patrols to “protect and serve” the community. The effectiveness of our department is enhanced through the efforts of highly trained and motivated police officers, who strive to make the City of Oswego a better place to live.

New York State Sex Offender Registry

New York state Department of Criminal Justice Services is the state agency responsible for maintaining New York’s Sex Offender Registry, which provides New Yorkers information about sex offenders living in their communities.

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in crimes, vandalism, and other quality of life issues in our residential neighborhoods. Recognizing these issues, members of the Common Council (and other elected officials), Oswego Police Department Personnel and concerned citizens have met on a regular basis over the past three years discussing how to improve our residents’ quality of life. Thus began several Neighborhood Watch Groups throughout the City of Oswego.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is not a group of vigilantes and does not take the place of your police department. You are asked to report crimes and suspicious activities to the Oswego Police Department. A Neighborhood Watch involves a group of concerned citizens who work together by looking out for one another. By becoming a member, you will get to know your neighbors, learn how to make your homes and property more secure, and help reduce and prevent crimes in your neighborhood. Remember if you have an emergency or you are witnessing a crime in progress call 911.

If you would like to join and / or learn more about the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact Betty Gray, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, at 342-9388 or your Alderman. You may also contact the Oswego City Police Department at 343-1212 or visit the National Crime Prevention Council website at: www.ncpc.org/topics/neighborhood-watch for additional information.

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