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The Community Development Office for the City of Oswego was successfully awarded funding through the competitive New York State and Regional Economic Development Council Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process from the New York State Community Development Block Grant program funds by the Housing Trust Fund Corporation.  The public infrastructure project will address specifically the West Side sanitary sewer system to mitigate and/or eliminate the overflow discharges at the West Side wastewater treatment plant.  This project will help the city with one of the compliance requirements of the Consent Decree. 

The City of Oswego’s West Side sanitary sewer system is the subject of an ongoing, multiple-phase Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES).  The SSES includes manhole inspections, smoke testing, televising results from sewer pipes, and continuous flow monitoring to identify sources of infiltration and inflow within the system.  The ultimate goal in evaluating the City’s West Side sanitary sewer system is to mitigate the overflow discharge at the West Side wastewater treatment plant.  79 inch-miles of sewers will be rehabilitated as part of the project. 

The Community Development Office in collaboration with the Purchasing Office, Chamberlain’s Office, and Engineering Office have put together additional grant funding applications to the New York State Water Grant Program administered by the Environmental Facilities Corporation as part of this specific project as well as other related projects required to mitigate the sanitary sewer overflows to the West Side wastewater treatment plant.  This additional funding opportunity was made possible by Mayor William J. Barlow, Jr. and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. 

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