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Novelis is the global leader in rolled aluminum products and the largest recycler of aluminum in the world. Our premium product focus, industry-leading innovation, proven manufacturing excellence and unmatched global footprint serve a growing marketplace, while our commitment to an aggressive 80% recycled content goal distinguishes Novelis as a world leader in sustainable manufacturing.

Novelis Aluminum

Novelis transforms the inherent qualities of aluminum into vital components of innovative design in the creation of today’s high-demand consumer products. Our unique material advantage, customer-focused innovation and unparalleled commitment to sustainability define the Novelis Aluminum brand.

Novelis Aluminum creates a unique material advantage for some the world’s leading consumer products manufacturers.
Novelis Aluminum is a catalyst for innovation that fuels the design, development and global delivery of some of the world’s most successful consumer products.
The lifecycle sustainability of Novelis Aluminum brings tremendous benefits to consumers, manufacturers and society as a whole.

World Class Customers

As the industry leader, we are recognized by the company we keep. Our customers include some of the largest and best-known brands in the world.

Unmatched Global Footprint

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we operate a network of advanced rolling and recycling facilities across four continents, serving all major industrialized markets of the world. Supported by our R&D centers and sales offices, this extensive manufacturing system allows us to reliably meet the needs of our customers, wherever they operate.

Recycling Drives Sustainability

Novelis is the world’s leader in aluminum recycling – we recycle approximately 50 billion beverage cans alone each year, enough to circle the globe more than 100 times. The recycled aluminum we collect and process is primarily utilized by our rolling facilities to produce new can sheet and other high-recycled content rolled aluminum products.

This re-creation of new aluminum sheet from recycled material forms a virtual closed loop that can be repeated endlessly – the ultimate sustainable manufacturing model. This model not only reduces the energy, water, landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations, but also lowers the carbon footprint of products made with our aluminum.

Customer-focused Innovation

Our advanced technology and commitment to process and product innovation adds significant value in important global markets, including transportation, packaging, architecture and consumer electronics. Our scientists and technologists work closely with our customers to help make cars more efficient, drinks more refreshing, buildings more beautiful and electronics more attractive than they would be without the advantages Novelis aluminum delivers.


Novelis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited, one of Asia’s largest integrated producers of aluminum and a leading producer of copper. Hindalco is the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, a multi-national conglomerate with operations in 36 countries. For more information on Novelis, download the Company Fact Sheet.

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